All About Potatoes

Potatoes are a staple part of many traditional British dishes, as well as wide-ranging international cuisine.

Cook Your Own Potatoes is a toolkit of multimedia resources to support theory and practical lessons, exploring: Potato Varieties and the importance of understanding that different potatoes are suited to different cooking methods and dishes; the Health and Nutrition benefits of potatoes across a variety of diets; and information relating to Sustainability and Potato Farming.   


There are many different varieties of potato. They have differing characteristics making them suited to particular cooking methods. A series of PowerPoint presentations, activity ideas, videos and other downloadable resources explore these differences and link the most popular varieties to suitable cooking methods and recipes.

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Health and Nutrition

The potato is classified as a starchy carbohydrate but it is also a source of fibre and many vital nutrients.  The multimedia resources in this section explore: the nutritional value of potatoes and the role potatoes play in a healthy diet, including those with special dietary needs.

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Potatoes are grown throughout the world, with around 5.4 million tonnes produced in the UK each year. This section provides a series of maps, presentation slides and ideas to explore provenance, seasonality and the environmental impact of potato production and distribution.

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Potato farming

Potatoes are grown in many regions of Great Britain and there are almost 2,500 British specialist potato growers. These resources explore modern-day potato farming practices – from field to fork, and the challenges potato farmers face at every stage of production.

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