Health & Nutrition

The potato is classified as a starchy carbohydrate but it is also a source of fibre and many vital nutrients. The multimedia resources in this section explore: the nutritional value of potatoes; healthier cooking and preparation methods; and the role potatoes play in a healthy diet, including those with special dietary needs.


Examining the nutritional value of potatoes, healthier cooking methods, the role of potatoes in healthy diets, including special dietary needs.


Powerpoint: Starters and Plenaries

A selection of starter and plenary ideas to introduce students to the nutritional value of potatoes, and a quiz to test their knowledge.


Powerpoint: Lesson Ideas

Images, information and classroom activities, including creating healthier versions of recipes, matching dietary needs and planning healthy menus.


Health and Nutrition: Video

A potato farmer and a chef describe the three main types of potato: Fluffy, Smooth and Salad, and healthy ways to cook potatoes.