Different varieties of potato have different characteristics, making them suited to particular cooking methods and potato dishes. The materials in this section explore popular varieties of potatoes, how they are classified, their characteristics, and appropriate cooking methods and recipes.


Exploring the history of potatoes, varieties grown today, how to choose the right variety when cooking, and the science behind cooking potatoes.


Powerpoint: Starters and Plenaries

A selection of starter and plenary ideas to introduce students to different potato varieties and the cooking methods they are suited to.


Powerpoint: Lesson Ideas

Images, key information and curriculum-linked activities for the classroom, including taste tests, writing instructions and inventing new products.



A potato farmer and a chef describe the three main types of potato: Fluffy, Smooth and Salad, and how to get the best from them in the kitchen.


Video: New Potatoes

A potato farmer and a chef explain what new potatoes are and suggest some interesting ways to cook them.